R A E F.  The new word intrigued her and for some reason she could not decipher its
meaning as easily as she did the words before it.  S T A R flooded her mind with bright
point of light visions and its inverse, R A T S sent a scurry of excitement through her body
culminating in a full spine tingle.  This is what she did with her time.  She experienced

Sally Ann Silverspoon loved her “calling,” so to speak.  From the moment they made her,
she did the job they designed her to perform.  THEY fed her words, one at the time, and
the words glided through her complex system and she reacted to them, feeling and playing
and returning her response to the listeners through the one thousand wires that connected
her to the world.

New words sailed in quickly, and she moved on.  Sometimes she saved a word to look at
later and she thought she would do that with R A E F.  It didn’t move her in any way.  That
happened sometimes and she disliked words that fell silently through her circuits like a
sodden lump of lead.  She would check it out later.  The new word was fun! J E W E L!  
Bursts of red and green, glimmering sparkling chunks, gold and silver holding precious
little, shiny, things, all dancing in her happy brain.      

Then cool, blue ocean depths holding black-gray shells spitting lustrous, blue-white round
droplets.  Vaguely, she sensed the joy she incited.  For fifteen nations she was the prime-
time SensoBabe.  She furnished emotions for recreational enjoyment throughout much of
the Free World.  She needed nothing but constant stimulation to function.  One pull of the
plug and she would cease to be.  But she never needed to worry about that.  Even the lab
personnel couldn’t resist tuning in.  She was the best.

One last stimu-word and she would go back to the word that made no sense.  Those
bothered her.  Any word that did not send her into an orgasm of feeling was wrong and that
one didn’t fit in any category in her programming.  This was the 9:00 AM coast to coast
viewing crowd so she must move on.  Another viewer had a word for her.  

N U C L E A R.  The center, the core, she rocketed down a chute a hundred miles long at
top speed then melded into the warm center of an outdated chocolate confection called a
Milky Way Bar.  That was more like it.  She could feel her audience responding with
delight.  Cascading from the middle out, she explored other meanings and felt her mind
slip into a laboratory in the hot desert but it was cold that she felt, not heat.  Then she felt
the heat again, more intensely than ever.  A word followed quickly, catching her sensing
apparatus almost unaware, throwing itself into the sensation with abandon.

F U S I O N.  A mass of flame consuming all of her thousand wires of energy overcame
her, and she could feel the horror of her response echoed in a million homes.  Stumbling
and reeling from the shock, her white-coated attendant reached to pull the plug.  As her
thoughts faded, she set the irritating odd word straight.    

F E A R …
The SensoBabe
From CAMEOS: Stories About Humans By Mari Sloan
But what happens when the world changes and moves too fast?

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