Nothing is what it seems, in ...
A Novel By
Mari Sloan

“The wages of shoddy police work is death, and the Sheriff of Beaufort County was
most certainly dead. Secrets of the river are carried to the grave.”
The secrets may be carried to the grave, but the graves in Beaufort County don’
t seem to stay sealed. Eliza Parsons leaves her grave to avenge her murder,
becoming only one of a number of different people trying to kill her husband, a
self-righteous preacher wannabe who is abusing two of her children. Charlie
Callahan, who is a preacher, can’t seem to get the entire body of any of his
victims into a grave, preferring to befriend their severed heads. Molly, a brave
eight year old, is forced to learn how to cope with loneliness and fear after
being committed to a children’s long-term psychiatric facility and she has only
one hope; that she will someday be free and able to take care of her little sister
who needs her.

Nothing is what it seems to be in Beaufort Falls; it is a fast paced read that
leaves you laughing and crying, often at the same time.
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The fate of the Earth is decided on this
A Novel By
Mari Sloan
Fans of BEAUFORT FALLS will enjoy seeing familiar faces once more as
fate brings them together again to embark on the ROAD TRIP of a lifetime.
Those who have not read BEAUFORT FALLS will still enjoy this standalone
adventure as our cast crosses America, never suspecting that god-like beings
with agendas of their own accompany them on a journey that will decide the
fate of all life on Earth.
Road Trip by Mari Sloan
is a cosmic suspense thriller!

Stories About Humans
Short Stories by
Mari Sloan
A series of short stories brief enough to be called cameos, a
walk-by of characters that are hard to forget. Short stories, three or
four pages, can be read like a magazine article while waiting for a
bus or an appointment. Easy to read, it is fiction. It is, or perhaps it
could be, life.
CAMEOS by Mari Sloan is an
eclectic collection of short stories!